There is a real epidemic in today’s world, hitting adults and children, and it crosses all barriers. This epidemic is also spreading faster than ever before because of the technology you are using to read this bio.


It is an epidemic of disconnection.


Almost every single person, at some point in time, has felt the loneliness of disconnection. Wanting to connect with another human but getting trapped behind a screen. Wanting to find real love but living in the land of make-believe. Wanting to have it all but ending up with not too much to show.

Whatever the reason, disconnection can be the result. As such, most people walk around a bit guarded, a bit mistrusting, or maybe with a bit of shame, guilt or disappointment in
themselves. In other words, there are millions of people stuck, not living by their truest, best versions of themselves.

That's where I come in.


I'm Beth, and most people know me as the woman who saves marriages after infidelities.

I'm honored to be given that title by them, but really, it's the "how" I do that, that makes me unique. You see affairs, addictions, anxieties, betrayals - they are symptoms of bigger
problems, and one of those problems is disconnection. When we don't feel connected, which is a basic human need, we tend to make poor decisions.

I show people how to connect again, but not to others initially, but rather first to
themselves. Through my unique, customized life transformation programs, I guide people who are stuck in life down a gentle path of self-exploration. Uncovering the root causes and resulting patterns that are driving certain behaviors. Shining a light on the insecurities and fears kept hidden from the outside world.

I help people discover new career paths and throw off the shackles of anxiety and depression.

I show couples how to heal after a spousal betrayal, and how to become better parents.

I teach people how to treat their bodies with respect, and how to live their lives with mission and purpose.

And then I watch with awe as people learn how to finally become the best versions of themselves.


I am passionate about helping others because I, too, was stuck in life. I felt disconnected from some of the people I loved the most and they from me. Those were my darkest days. I don't want anyone else to live like that, so if you are feeling stuck in your life, for whatever reason, I encourage you to reach out.

Let's talk about how together, we can completely transform your life!

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