The healing journey for the Betrayed Partners...

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Chaos to Calm free online course

  • Survival Mode

  • Healing After Discovery

  • Support Systems

  • Detaching from the Story

  • Support System

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Pain to Power: 8-session group coaching

  • Betrayal Trauma Stages

  • Steps for Healing

  • Learning to Trust Again

  • Building Confidence

  • Trauma Responses

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Freedom from Fear: 8-session group coaching

  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

  • Changing Negative Self-Images

  • Identifying Life Patterns

  • Emotional Reactions versus Responses

  • Building the 2.0 Version of You

Three programs, all designed to take you through the healing journey in months, not years.

Maybe your circumstance requires a more personal touch.

If so, you may want to consider private sessions with Beth.

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Beth

  • One-on-one attention that addresses your unique challenges

  • An individualized treatment plan, customized for you

  • An intense and comprehensive level of personal analysis

  • Flexible scheduling options for the 8 sessions

  • A strong therapeutic alliance, which is a key component of a successful therapy plan

  • Learning to trust again in a safe, comforting environment

What is the difference between the groups and the 1:1 program?

While the group programs are extremely beneficial, with the power and accountability of a group, some people find the intimacy of 1:1 sessions more beneficial but the outcome will be the same - a new you! You are also welcome to join a group and add individual sessions in between to get the best of both worlds.

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How long do the sessions run?

Each session is 55 minutes.

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How much does a private session cost?

$250 per session without the purchase of a package

$1880 for an 8-session package

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Client Reviews After Working With Beth:

"We sought marriage counseling previously because of my husband's infidelity but it only made things worse for us. Beth's unique approach just made sense to us as she believes in working with people individually before talking about "marital problems". What a breath of fresh air that was! We worked with Beth for about 3 months and we have completely transformed our relationship. Why? Because we each transformed ourselves first. We are both so grateful we found Beth and we highly recommend meeting with Beth to see if she is a good fit for you as well! With gratitude,"

Michael and Jean H.

Couple's Program

"Kudos to Beth! She pretty much single-handedly saved our marriage and saved my sanity!"

Theresa H.

Couple's Program

"I can't say enough about Beth's approach. Working with us individually at first allowed us each to work on our own issues and get the support we needed. I highly recommend Beth!"

Shannon D.

Couple's Program

"I want to thank you for your love to heal betrayal. Hearing you explain your feelings and emotions was like the glass being broken and I can finally speak aloud. I have been in a glass box with everyone looking at me watching me fall apart. Imagine screaming for help staring at your life and they can't hear you cause you're in a box. So, to hear the first words that explain my feelings of frustration and pain was like the glass shattered. I am visible! I am heard and I am understood, and now I can heal!"

Myesha M.

Chaos to Calm

"As a man who cheated, I can't thank you enough for helping me understand why I made the destructive choices I did. Learning about betrayal trauma was so eye-opening. I had no idea how deep it went. My wife and I are forever changed because of the work we did with you. Thank you."

Matt T.

Helping Her Heal Masterclass

"My husband and I had spent two years in therapy because of his multiple affairs. We literally got nowhere except more angry. There were even times when I felt like I was being told I was the problem and should just learn to move on. That was the last straw for me. I started looking for another therapist and I happened to come across Beth's page and I can only say this: if we had found her two years ago we would be in such a different place! I highly recommend working with Beth as she was also a betrayed wife so she "gets it" but also because she has an objective view of the betrayers. My husband really appreciated that."

John and Jennifer G.

Couple's Program

"Hi, I thank Beth so much. Getting to know her, has given me the hope that I can get out of this nightmare after 6 years. After listening to her, I understand I am not crazy, and this IS A SPECIFIC KIND OF TRAUMA. I have seen mental specialists and they looked at me as if I were exaggerating. Now I know what I knew intuitively - I'm absolutly traumatized. I now know and feel I'm not alone."

Carolina M.

Chaos to Calm

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