The healing journey for the Unfaithful Partner...

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A Hero's Journey: free online course

  • Betrayal Trauma Explained

  • Understanding Triggers

  • Exposing the Truth

  • Action Steps for Fast Healing

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Helping Her Heal: 8-session group coaching

  • Earning Her Trust

  • Excuses Versus Reasons

  • Triggers Are Not Your Enemy

  • Disclosure and Impact Statements

  • Healthier Communication

Next Step

What's My Why: 8-session group coaching

  • Stages Of Affairs/Addiction

  • Unconscious and Conscious Patterns

  • Values, Energy, Needs

  • Stress Responses Creating Traits

  • Healthier Communication

Three programs, all designed to take you through the healing journey in months, not years.

Maybe your circumstance requires a more personal touch.

If so, you may want to consider private sessions with Beth.

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Beth

  • One-on-one attention that addresses your unique challenges

  • An individualized treatment plan, customized for you

  • An intense and comprehensive level of personal analysis

  • Flexible scheduling options for the 8 sessions

  • A strong therapeutic alliance, which is a key component of a successful therapy plan

  • Learning to trust again in a safe, comforting environment

What is the difference between the groups and the 1:1 program?

While the group programs are extremely beneficial, with the power and accountability of a group, some people find the intimacy of 1:1 sessions more beneficial but the outcome will be the same - a new you! You are also welcome to join a group and add individual sessions in between to get the best of both worlds.

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How long do the sessions run?

Each session is 55 minutes.

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How much does a private session cost?

$250 per session without the purchase of a package

$1880 for an 8-session package with a pay-in-full discount or 3 monthly payments of $710

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Client Feedback after Working with Beth

Beth - thank you for your commitment to share your knowledge/story of betrayal and explaining how this truly affects our wives and families. You have an amazing way of putting topics together in a way I can understand without judgment, I appreciate that.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

Jeff O.

Helping Her Heal masterclass

Such good information! I can't wait to join your other groups. Thank you for what you are doing!

Jessica S.

Pain to Power group

Thank you Beth! I loved how you taught us about the creative brain and the survival brain! I have been living in survival brain for too long and am excited to start living a more creative life!

Shelley M.

Pain to Power group

Beth, your course was very encouraging! I’m so glad to hear that marriage can be better than it was before my betrayal. I’ve been carrying my “box of secrets” around since childhood and this is the first time I’ve decided to let anyone else in and it is true, as difficult as it was, a big burden has been released.

Mark A.

Helping Her Heal masterclass

Great program. Beth is very genuine and gets straight to the point. If you have cheated, and you're trying to get back together with your wife, you need to talk to Beth.

David B.

Helping Her Heal masterclass

Beth Fischer has the most comprehensive, informative post betrayal program and information I have heard in my two year search for answers.  Like Beth says this is simplistically/complicated but to hear what I need to heal and move forward, put in a way that I can apply it to my everyday life, makes me hopeful that one day sooner than later I will be whole again. For me Beth is a lifeline to a better state of mind and marriage.

Lori M.

Couple's Program

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